Facebook smartphone concept looks pretty interesting

Coming back this year, HTC and Facebook or fb or fb got together and launched the HTC ChaCha Android-based Facebook or fb or fb cell cellphone. HTC ChaCha, the QWERTY cell cellphone with a dedicated Facebook or fb or fb choice and development system, gets a pre-launch product update from 600MHz to 800MHz. The update may be allocated to the need for amount, considering that the cell cellphone performs on Os 2.3.3 (It’s actually one of the very few QWERTY monoblock cell cellular phones that provides Android) and its Facebook or fb or fb development system is managing continually at the same time. Another objective might be the built-in HTC Sensation, HTC’s own gui, described by some as “resource-hungry,” and 600MHz may not be enough.

Safe to say it was not a hit and lately there have been rumours showing that Facebook or fb or fb might be considering launching another Facebook or fb or fb cell cellphone and its Cell Phone Accessories later on. While that remains to be seen, designer Michal Bonikowski has come up with a concept of his own which is usually his imagining of what a Facebook or fb or fb cell cellphone could and would look like.

It has to be taken into account the point that design is absolutely his own importance that he formerly no talk about of the foundation it on. It is now apparent, the cellphone is going to be red in color and usually gets in the Facebook or fb or fb color system.

According to its designer, it will be designed out of metal and will activity a 4.2” display. It will also activity an 8MP rear-facing photo photographic camera, a 5MP front-facing photo photographic camera and will cost via inductive asking for from a  dedicated “Facebook” hook up of its own.

No phrase on what type of product it will run or what handling system it will use, but we have to acknowledge that it does look a lot more eye-catching than the HTC ChaCha. So what do you people think? Is this a Facebook or fb or fb cell cellphone you would not ideas getting your hands on?

HTC ChaCha is yet to be launch in the marketplace this May and the buzz on its brand update is sure a best part about it for those awaiting get it. Some experts are not impressed, though, with the cell phone’s common charm and needless Facebook or fb choice. See for yourself here, a first look at HTC ChaCha, complimentary of HTC.



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