HTC One X hit by iPhone 4-like grip of death?

With the release of every new cellphone, no question there can be limited to be a number of concerns. Some might be slight, while some might be quite a big cope and according to latest surveys, it seems that the recently released HTC One X might be suffering from some WiFi concerns. This seemingly comes by means of the notorious “death grip” in which the WiFi indication might fall or reduce greatly when organised in a particular way.

customers have been stressing about lag and Wi-Fi relationship issues with the company’s leading One X mobile cellphone.

HTC has been made conscious of the concerns and is asking clients who have knowledgeable issues with their One X to get in touch with them via their XDA line.

The most popular example of this design is obviously the iPhone 4 and Cell Phone Accessories  antennagate scandal. Entrepreneurs became enthusiastic about the concept of a loss of life hold after discovering that indication durability could be decreased by touching the iPhone in a certain identify.

Early HTC One X adopters have been no guests to WiFi concerns impacting it since its release. And where most were resolved by HTC via a useful application upgrade, a new issue is open across various boards and weblogs. It looks like a new WiFi issue has been found this time due to an iPhone 4-like loss of life hold that, when organised just the right way, causes it to fall WiFi cafes like they are going out of design.

HTC is looking into the reviews, but XDA customers are already creating movie clips on how to take down the unibody system to twist around with the Wi-Fi aerial straight.



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