HTC One X Wi-Fi Issue

The HTC One X seems to be having difficulties linking or remaining linked with a WiFi relationship, and HTC even encouraged a fast upgrade a couple of several weeks back to try and fight the issue. Seemingly the issue is actually a components flaw, which creates a big issue for those who already own it. According to reviews by Operating system Main HTC has verified this is actually a “hardware issue” and they have also come up with a fix.

Officials exposed that attempts are already ongoing to avoid upcoming One X designs from operating into the same WiFi relationship concerns.HTC and Cell Phone Accessories has done a great job this year with their new mobile phone range in the One sequence. Particularly their leading HTC One X. It’s one fantastic phone but for some there seems to be a few issues that simply can’t be ignored. Reports of Wi-Fi relationship concerns have been exposed more than a few times, and these days HTC’s launched a declaration.

The HTC One X WiFi issue was being due to a badly linked typical aerial. Customers have the choice to re-solder it however that choice is not recommended because it could cause more damage to it and will gap the assurance.

The HTC One X has not had the best sequence of fortune, it was first organised at U.S. Traditions by the transaction of the  Worldwide Business Commission payment which was looking into the mobile phones conformity with transfer ban limitations.


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