Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phone battery

A common feature mobile phone might use a 1100mAh battery energy, where as a mobile phone could have a 1650mAh battery energy. Sure, the mobile phone has a bigger battery energy but it is not proportionally bigger as opposed to juice needed to energy it. That is excluding the Samsung RAZR MAXX that is. The RAZR MAXX sports a high capacity 3300mAh giving 21.5 time of talk-time, 2.5 days of enjoying songs, and 12 time of Internet over Wi-Fi use. These numbers seem better suited to a product than a phone!

Samsung’s Galaxy Note also has a 2500mAh battery energy but this only gives it an assortment energy much like the S3 or the HTC One X. The reason its battery energy is not better than the S3 is because of its huge 5.3 inches show. The show is the most energy starving component in any mobile phone. It odds if you are using Wi-Fi or not, if Wireless is on or off, or if you have the GPS permitted,Cell Phone Accessories  whatever you do on your mobile phone (other than pay attention to music) you need to use the show, and that takes energy. The gossips are that New samsung is planning the Universe Observe 2 with a even bigger show (possibly 5.5 inches) and it is expected that New samsung will include a bigger battery energy, maybe even a 3000mAh one.

The mobile phone producers are busy including more features to mobile phones, quad primary CPUs, better camcorders, bigger displays, higher solutions, but where is the force to add more battery energy life? The issue must not be price related as a 1600mAh battery energy expenses around $5 where as a 4000mAh battery energy expenses $10. So including $5 to the bill of materials for a bigger battery energy is not a issue, especially when as opposed to price of the show or display memory. Could bodyweight be a problem? Since mobile phones are designed to be mobile it is possible that some producers are concerned about overall bodyweight. But even including an assortment energy with an extra 500mAh must not make the device unreasonably heavy.

JOWAY battery for Samsung Galaxy Note[2500mAh mobile phone battery] 

YIBOYUAN battery for Samsung Galaxy Note[2450mAh mobile phone battery]


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