About HTC One S Review

Like many of the other gadgets in the HTC One series, the One S functions an awesome style. One of the best styles for a mobile phone on the market. The One S has an metal unibody Cell Phone Case with a customized anodized complete to it. This is what makes the magnificent slope on the returning. It’s give it some pop, by creating it go from a colour of deeper grey to a brighter grey. This unibody deign is around the whole system. The presenter bbq grill on the returning, was laserlight cut creating it extremely accurate and improves the quality of the audio.

The cellphone is very attractive, and cradling it in my side I was able to appreciate the amount of technological innovation attempt that must have gone into generating a cellphone so sleek and compact. Calculating 130 x 65 x 7.8 mm the cellphone certainly sways towards being larger than your regular mobile phone, but with my Yeti-sized arms I was able to keep and function the cellphone easily with one side.

The cellphone was more than able of operating our various assessments, and very hardly ever ceased to temporarily think when changing applications. The only disadvantage with the requirements is that the cellphone does not have a microSD slot, so you are trapped with the inner storage space. If you take plenty of images or video clips, get ready to keep installing most of your products to your PC. Fortunately you can synchronize your cellphone with your Dropbox consideration, so any images you take are then instantly supported up to your consideration.

The body of the cellphone is made of anodized metal, which makes the cellphone quite challenging and scratch-proof yet sleek and compact. The apparent disadvantage of the unibody is of course that battery power cannot be changed without submitting the cellphone in for maintenance. On the top of the cellphone is the power option and earphone slot, as well as a detachable protect on the returning that hides the microSIM card slot. To the right of the cellphone is a slightly scaled amount musician, and you will find the USB / asking for slot on the departed side of system.

Benks Screen Protectors for HTC One S [HSR material Magic HSR Screen Protectors]


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