Cancelled Updated HTC Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich

According to TELUS’ new upgrade routine, complimentary of MobileSyrup, the HTC Wish HD will not be getting the upgrade to Ice Lotion Food 4.0.

The Wish HD was HTC’s ‘hero’ system in 2010, and it is nothing brief of frustrating to see the mobile phone not get an OS upgrade that was launched just a season after its launch. What is more amazing is that the Wish HD’s individual primary brand and 768MB of RAM are more than enough to run Ice Lotion Food easily.

HTC said returning in Feb that an ETA for the now semi-latest version of Google’s OS, which is soon to be modified by Jam Vegetable, was going to be declared in a issue of several weeks. However, it’s not been observed of since and now Telus has rejuvenated its OS upgrade routine, which shows the upgrade has been processed for excellent, with no predicted launch time frame.

A papers verifying when the system desires identical up-dates to be created available on other gadgets, says the Wish HD’s Operating system 4.0 application hit issues during assessments, and that “poor performance” has been held responsible for its termination.

The Wish HD is a qualified Operating system mobile phone, with a single-core 1Ghz Snapdragon brand and a very healthier 768MB of RAM, which is similar to several other mobile phones on the record, plus others that currently run Operating system 4.0, such as the HTC One V and the Wish C.

The Desire HD can run Operating system 4.1.1 Jam Vegetable easily. Panasonic has modified all of its 2011 gadgets to Ice Lotion Food, and they load up identical specifications as that of the Wish HD, Cell Phone Case except that the latter has more RAM (512MB vs. 768MB). The HTC Amazing S packages the identical internals as the Wish HD and it sampled Ice Lotion Food more than monthly ago.

Of course, while the information comes from a particular provider’s certification, this is not best part about it for HTC Wish HD entrepreneurs globally,  especially when TELUS says it was HTC, not it, that postponed the upgrade.

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