HTC Desire HD is not receiving ICS upgrade

According to Operating system Main, the Taiwanese corporation unfortunatly was not sure about upgrading the Desire HD. HTC shows customers through its weblog,  that the current edition of HTC Sense is perfect for the mobile phone in question and they may end up limiting the client experience with the upgrade. Other gadgets such as the Operating system Amazing 2, Amazing S, Astonish 4G, Evo 3D and Design 4G are definitely getting the software upgrade.

HTC has formally exposed that HTC Desire HD customers will not be handled to the Ice Lotion Food foundation, Cell Phone Case while most other mobile mobile phones from the organization are preparing to get a flavor of ICS. This was declared via a post on the formal HTC weblog.

Some other HTC-branded gadgets that are becoming a member of the ICS train include the Raider, Rezound, Thunderbolt and Stunning mobile phones. Even the Desire S, from the same range as the Desire HD, will be modified with the OS. Moreover, the organization has just started moving out up-dates for the Feeling and the Feeling XE, which should be accessible in the course of the next few weeks. The Feeling 4G and the Feeling XL will be improved thereafter.

The Ice Lotion Food upgrade for HTC mobile phones will progressively be combined out for various providers in different nations. Some other mobile mobile phones may also obtain improvements soon.

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