Samsung Galaxy S3 Cool Vent Case – Red

This cool vent case understands that your Samsung Galaxy S3 is important to you. This is the non-compromising choice that looks good with its classical design, shows off your swanky Galaxy S3 handset and protects your device from all angles.

Apart from being a fashion statement, this case also has a clever design feature built-in. samsung galaxy note case A small slot allows a coin to be inserted and the case becomes a stand. Allowing for the most common landscape position, watching the latest video is easy and no extra stands are needed.

With a cool case like this, you can confidently store your handset in your pocket, bag or briefcase without worrying if it will get damaged.



Keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 safe, this cool vent case is specially designed using a contempory mesh material offering your Samsung Galaxy S3 a helping hand in defending against everyday bumps and scratches.

Non-compromising indeed, but vain it is not – the discreet design means your device takes centre stage with its swanky form on full view. Look after your Samsung Galaxy S3 without compromising on quick and easy access to your handset.Earphone Plug Stopper  This protective cool vent case allows you to use all the functions of your phone, wherever you go.


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